About me

About Ani

Life - Love - Photography & Horses...Welcome to my eyes! - I am a Believer and for that I am Blessed Eternally!

I love to capture photographs; captured moments shows us who we are, in a place we love, in an instant we can cherish and in a time we dont want to forget. These moments can be where we show our strength in a portrait, or our love with that special someone or by cementing the foundation that holds you up...FAMILY. It can be that moment that showcases our love for that special someone or the endearment for a beloved four legged critter (horses, dogs and farm animals).

Perhaps its a dear friend...whatever the moment, it is one that will hold a special place in our hearts for an eternity. This is why I love capturing moments, its why I share my moments, its why moments are the most important part of who we are; because in these special moments we stop for a single second to honor the things we love and hold dear within our hearts.

This is my journey, we are all connected...thank you for taking a glimpse into my world!