Yesterday’s photos of the day comes from a trip over to help out my neighbor Susie. Little Moon is her mini horse and since Susie has a hard time getting around after her surgery I was more than happy to help her groom this cute lil guy. Taken with the Df and the Nikkor-S Auto

Quiet Moments

The past few days have been moody, overcast and still. The lingering remnants of cold mornings and promise of rain have made summer seem like a distant thought. As I was walking through the pasture I noticed even the horses seem content with these cool spring days. It’s just a peaceful feeling knowing just how

River York

It was a rather unusually warm May day and after a little coaxing I was able to get Tuki on a walk to the river. Once we were there I didnt have to encourage him into the water. Psalm 119:45 I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts.

High Tailin’ It!

From this morning just after sunrise the warm air kicked up and the boys decided to have a play! Got out just in time to make some quick photos. I sure do love how willing they are to play and let me get in the middle of it with the camera! Do you give the

Spring Mornings

“I want to show you the wonders of perceiving the world around you from a spiritual perspective. Your inclination is to see everything from a natural or worldly point of view, but I want to take you higher and help you see and understand spiritually. Set your heart to allow Me to transform you into

In honor of #nationalpetday, which to be honest I actually did not know existed until about 15 minutes ago, here are some captured moments from today.

On the Trails

Me and my lil buddy Cimarron on the trails this afternoon. Trying out some bokeh shots with my old Nikkor-S 5.8cm and the Df. I love the vintage look this lens produces…shot wide open at F1.4 in the midday sun! Before heading out… on the river trail… 2 Corinthians 4:18, “So we fix our eyes

My Wonderfully Spectacular Indy

Indy is my first, she is extremely independent, named after my favorite character of all time Indiana Jones and has taught me soo much about horses, riding, and myself! She is brave, stubborn, sweet as a honey crisp apple and smart as can be! I almost lost her a few years ago to an unexplained

Capturing the Moments…

The one’s that matter to me most are the ones where life is just in the very second of the hours of the day. Those quiet, normal ticks that take place in the tocks of the clock. Those moments are why I carry a camera with me all the time. The light lands just so softly



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