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Thanksgiving 2016, TJ’s Surprise!

After I came back from photographing my niece’s wedding, my nephew Victor, Raylene and the four babies wanted me to help them surprise my sister Therese for Thanksgiving. The plan was to drive up from California a couple days before Thanksgiving and be at our place for when my sister and her hubby Dan arrived.

Black and White Light Study

Wanted to try out a new filter in DXO a few days ago and I found out I could create my own custom preset. I love the Bergger BRF Panochromtic filter so I tweaked it and added a large format grain along with some other changes. I really liked how it worked on these earlier

View of the Valley

Sunday evening’s prediction of a thunder/lightning storm gave Rick and I an opportunity to become official storm chasers. So we packed up on the quad and headed up the logging roads behind our place to the lookout. All day long the threatening sounds of thunder roared throughout the sky. Every once in awhile the horses

Heather Lake Trail

On Monday Rick, Tuki and I planned our hike to Heather Lake Trail in the Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest where the Mountain Loop showcases 8-9 hikes in Granite Falls. We have previously hiked Lake 22 in that area a couple years back and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. Heather Lake Trail is

Heybrook Lookout Hike

Rick and I headed up for a short hike this morning to catch the sunrise over the Mt. Index/Mt Persis range on Heybrook Lookout trail off HWY 2. It was a little foggy as we reached the trail head and a little ways up the trail but a few gusts came in a made our

Winter Solstice

It’s been sometime since I picked up the camera to make a photograph. This morning was the first time in several weeks the sun made an appearance and what a way to shine…especially with all the new snow atop the mountains.

Zoom-Nikkor 28~45 1:4.5

The Most Important Day

I lucked out recently and acquired a really nice [affordable] copy of a Zoom-Nikkor 28~45 1:4.5. The tale of this classic lens from Nikon can be found on Nikkor compilation site of its lens history, “In 1975, the first true wide-angle zoom lens in the world finally appeared.” ” As the first true wide-angle zoom lens

Lake Serene/Bridal Veil

I started the week with Rick convinced that we should definitely hike a lot more than we do. So off we went to Lake Serene near Mt. Index to hike what is hailed as one of the best hikes off Hwy2. The day was set to be warm but I had already known firsthand that



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