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Orcas – San Juan Islands

Rick and I and his (childhood friend) Wayne who is here for a visit took an early ferry over to Orcas Island for a hike around Mountain Loop Lake this week. It was gorgeous and to our surprise hardly anyone on the trail in spite of the full parking lot when we arrived. The day

Free Flying

I love to test my abilities with the old lenses I shoot with. Not only are the some 40-50 years old but they are all manual so a task of photographing hummingbirds yesterday proved not to be as difficult as I had imagined. Nikkor 135 Df    and of course I had to literally give

Seattle for a Day

Rick woke up on Wednesday morning and came into my office and said, “We’re going to Seattle for the day, we’re going to have lunch and head up top the Space Needle!” This is a big deal for me because for 11 years I’ve been trying to convince him that he should view the city

Mt. Springs Lodge

Rick and I recently celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. For this occasion we headed out in the early am to spend a day snowmobiling at the quaint Mountain Springs Lodge in Plain, WA. We really lucked out because the weather prior and forecast weather was gloom and doom. But for our special day it was

Neah Bay

This past Monday, the hubby and I drove the four hours plus 30 minute ferry ride to fish Neah Bay. We met up with our friends Bill and Judy at the Snow Creek Resort. Now Snow Creek Resort is a fancy word for RV parking with fishing access. But don’t let that stop you from

Nikkor Exploratius – Yon San Hachi Roku

This week I’m taking on the ‘Yon San Hachi Roku’ or should I say the four-three-eight-six from 1963. This was Nikon’s “forerunner of standard modern zoom lenses, the Zoom-NIKKOR Auto 43-86mm f/3.5.” It is beautifully made, looks absolutely wonderful on the Df and dubbed as Nikon’s worse lens ever made! The ‘Yon San Hachi Roku’ competition

A Filly is Born Free…

On memorial day I sat reading a really inspiring, heart-warming article on Equitrekking entitled, “Horses We Can’t Forget on Memorial Day” As I was coming near the end of the article I received a private message from my neighbor Bekka saying, “Come see my baby!!! You’re gonna love her!” Of course I new the baby

Barclay Lake Trail, Saturday Juant

Through the woods and the down the trail we strolled, enjoying the beauty of Barclay Lake Trail on a beautiful Saturday morning hike. Parking lot was sorta busy, I’d say about 7 cars with a few stray vehicles parked along the roadside. We saw a few campers at the lake and one lady fishing in



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