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Victoria and Jason

This was another great week on Rickani Ranch with Jason and Victoria’s visit. We had such a great time bonding and making some new memories. Now that my sister lives here in the great PNW its so nice to have her kids, my nieces and nephews come for visits! Not only did they renew their vows

Stomping Mud Puddles

On Friday me and the gang take the boys on a hike to take in some fresh air. Since we were pulling Elijah in the Gorilla Cart we stuck to the gravel road where Dom and Andrew decided that it would be a great idea to pogo jump each and every mud puddle long the

Thanksgiving 2016, TJ’s Surprise!

After I came back from photographing my niece’s wedding, my nephew Victor, Raylene and the four babies wanted me to help them surprise my sister Therese for Thanksgiving. The plan was to drive up from California a couple days before Thanksgiving and be at our place for when my sister and her hubby Dan arrived.

The Wedding of Cherrelle & Mike

I suppose I should start this new entry off with a bit of a disclaimer: I am not or will not claim to be a wedding photographer. I am a photographer, a photography enthusiast, a lover of photography and forever student of all things photography. Cherrelle and Mike’s wedding like that of my other niece’s

In honor of #nationalpetday, which to be honest I actually did not know existed until about 15 minutes ago, here are some captured moments from today.



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