Victoria and Jason, A Renewal of Vows

Earlier this month Jason, my niece’s husband contacted me asking if I could help surprise Victoria, his wife with a vow renewal. They both have been wanting to visit us her in WA especially since my sister Therese (Victoria’s mom) moved to the PNW in April. This is the second surprise visit by my sisters kids. Last month for Thanksgiving, Victor made a trip down with his wife and their four babies.

Jason at first wanted to find a small chapel or an officiant but I did some research for him and told him anyone could do officiate. So of course he asked me if I would do. I found a few templates to work off and rewrote one just for them. Jason ha vows prepared and even mailed me a ring that he bought for the occasion.

Here are some photos from this very special event that I was very proud to be a part of.

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